20 Echo is by far the best tool on the market to capture your memories on and off the water.

By automatically gathering every possible piece of environmental information, 20 Echo becomes your ultimate digital logbook for fishing, hunting, bird watching, and everything outdoors.

All data and photos processed through 20 Echo are stored securely.

And we never share the locations of your photos. If you choose to share photos through 20 Echo, we make sure your GPS coordinates are removed and your secret honey holes stay secret.

The platform is available on the web, iOS and android. One account and you have access to your digital logs from any device, anytime.

You have to see it to believe it. Get started for free right now. Still not convinced?

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Here's how it works

Upload & Save

20e uses location data from your photo to pin point where you made the catch. Don’t worry, if your photo doesn’t have location data, you can manually enter the lat/long coords, or drag the 20e flag to the spot on the map where you were.



View & Share

Each of your uploaded images creates a log containing your photo, time and location information, and a host of other data points specific to your catch. Feel free to share your catch socially without giving up your favorite spot, 20e never shares your location data.

Explore Your Photos

Click a 20e flag to preview information about a specific catch. Click View Log to see the entire detailed log of that catch.

Fishing Log Mapping


Search & Filter

All of your uploaded photos are saved as echoes, marked by a 20e flag. View and filter your echoes and gain insights into your favorite locations. We value privacy, so your catches are never made public, only you have access to view your echoes.

If everything happens for a reason, shouldn’t you be paying attention?
Twenty Echo

Built by fishermen, for fishermen

20Echo uses patent pending technology to harness the power of your pictures to form an instantaneous journal of your surrounding environmental conditions that is intuitive and simple to use. We allow users to snap pictures with mobile devices and instantly capture an automatic log that will help you catch more fish and better understand why and when things happen. Hemingway once said true nobility lies in being superior to your former self. Like Hemingway at 20Echo we understand that fisherman cannot get better repeating the same routines, to get better we must learn from our experiences. We use the world’s foremost technology to couple human and artificial faculties to generate echos that will make you impossibly better at fishing. Whether your goal is to repeat history or forget it we are always standing-by listening for your latest location.

Global Offshore Coverage

20Echo was built in cooperation with the best offshore fisherman in the world. The kind of fisherman that have numerous world records in various oceans and the kind that do it everyday to pay their bills. At no extra charge we will build offshore specific logs for your pictures that include Sea Surface Temperature, Chlorophyll Levels, Altimetry, Current Direction and Speed, Salinity, Radar Imaging, Water Depth, Wave Height and Direction and a host of other great things. As long as location services are on 20Echo knows where you are. When your cell signal returns your pictures information will instantly load and over the course of the next two days we will ensure your Echo’s provide the absolute best and most accurate data representations in the world so that you can head back out and do it again.