20Echo is changing to a weather and fishing blog!  Our technology was divested! 

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Learn when to fish at your favorite spots

20echo makes knowing why you caught fish incredibly simple. Easy to read echoes provide every available condition associated with your pictures time and location. This allows you to focus more on fishing and less on scouting.

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View & Share

Each of your uploaded images creates a log containing your photo, time and location information, and a host of other data points specific to your catch. Feel free to share your catch socially without giving up your favorite spot, 20e never shares your location data.

Explore Your Photos

Click a 20e flag to preview information about a specific catch. Click View Log to see the entire detailed log of that catch.

Fishing Log Mapping

Search & Filter

All of your uploaded photos are saved as echoes, marked by a 20e flag. View and filter your echoes and gain insights into your favorite locations. We value privacy, so your catches are never made public, only you have access to view your echoes.

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