Have a question about Twenty Echo or about getting started?  

    1. Why do I not have location data on my pictures?

      You did not have location services turned on when you took the picture.

    2. How do I turn on Apple – IOS Location services?

      Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services
      Make sure they are on for Camera also.

    3. How do I turn on my Androids location services?

      Camera App-> Settings Gear -> Location Tags

    4. Can anyone see my fishing spots or anything that has to do with my account?

      No!  We do not share any of your personal information, your account is private and protected by bank level encryption.  Even when you decide to share an echo with friends and family on social media we stripe the pictures location information for you in the picture file and on the actual echo.  Try it and see!  20echo is a private tool for you to get better at being in the outdoors, we are not a social platform for bragging….unless you want to of course!

    5. Do I need a cell signal for 20echo to work?

      You only need a cell signal to gather information for your echos, not for capturing them.  Every smart phone we are compatible with captures EXIF data which includes your GPS location, we couple that with the time you took the picture and use that to gather data.

    6. Why does my data change after I refresh a picture?

      We checked again and the data changed, if it changes the change will always make the echo more accurate. Most forecasting services are using pictures that show data interpretations, we show the actual measurement which usually takes a little while to finalize.  We don’t predict, we deliver actual information that cannot get more accurate.

    7. Does 20echo work everywhere?

      Yes. 20echo is global but there are some areas that will have different data than others, it just depends on what’s available.  If we can get it we are after it.

    8. What is the fastest way to get started on 20echo right now?
      • Go to 20echo.com
      • Click Get Started!
      • Enter the email you actually use and pick a password you will remember, click activate
      • Pick a Plan, by the month or annual
      • Enter Credit Card information
      • Go to Google Play Store or iOS store and download the companion application
      • Open application
      • Click on sign in, not register.
      • Upload pictures from your photo album or start taking pictures!
      • Your web account and your app account will automatically sync each evening but you can refresh the account by pressing the curling arrow in the top right corner of the application.


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