All naturally occurring events have one thing in common. Each event has its own unique time and location.  20echo users harness that power through the most commonly shared medium globally, digital pictures. 20echo provides outdoor enthusiasts with a private platform that will replace journals and photo albums while providing users with outdoor patterning capabilities never thought possible.

At 20echo, our proprietary technology & database can instantly or retrospectively read the environment via photographs, time, and location information. Reading the environment with this game-changing technology allows for a level of natural intelligence never seen before. Imagine remembering everything that is happening when it all goes right. Welcome to having the ability to prevent disaster when it all goes wrong. Get ready to be impossibly better at being outside. Welcome to 20echo!

Our proprietary database contains or accesses the following natural conditions:

  • Air temperature
  • water temperature
  • atmospheric pressure
  • atmospheric tendency
  • visibility
  • dew point
  • humidity
  • altitude
  • tide information and graphs
  • wind direction and speed
  • moon phase
  • sun phase
  • light level
  • cloud base
  • sea surface temperature
  • chlorophyll level
  • sea altimetry
  • current direction and speed
  • salinity
  • water depth or elevation
  • wave height period and movement and more.

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